THE CHILLY WINDS sing the best of the popular folk songs from the revival period of the early 1960s.
Each member of the group (l. - r. Bruce Blazej, John Birchler, Jim Moran) brings unique vocal and instrumental talents to the trio, blending to create a distinctive sound that has excited audiences coast to coast.

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Introducing The Chilly Winds


Jim Moran, an English teacher for thirty five years from Alhambra California, plays mostly
six string guitar (his beloved 1968 Martin D-18) and sings the low parts when he can reach them.
He delights in teaching at his all-girls school (!) and community college and in traveling
to obscure and remote places that no one else has ever heard of. Jim also enjoys cooking
and the company of his former students and his fellow alums of Notre Dame. When he grows up,
he hopes to become a writer.

Bruce Blazej from Clearwater, Florida works in insurance and
is married to the lovely Terri, an ER nurse ("a kind of insurance," says Bruce). Bruce plays four and
eight string tenor guitar, and not surprisingly sings the tenor parts in the songs. Bruce attacks
each number with the same enthusiasm that he demonstrated as a helicopter gunship pilot in Viet Nam.
Though he dislikes hurricanes above a Category 1, Bruce does enjoy his border collie, his sailboat,
and his annual reunion with his army buddies.

John Birchler from Scotia, New York, who plays five string banjo and lead guitar in the group, also taught English
for more than thirty years before deciding to devote all of his time to his favorite pursuits
of music and theater. An experienced and accomplished actor, director, and theater company
manager, John has appeared in dozens of community theater productions in upper New York State,
where he is also a well-known solo folk performer in the Albany and Saratoga region.
Married to Amy, his partner in theater productions, hiking, kayaking, and travel, John hopes
to live to see his beloved New York Giants return to the Super Bowl - which, to the wonder of most folks except John, they won in February, 2008.


Dave Batti is the Chilly Winds' bassist for nearly all of their recording and performance. Dave is a Renaissance man, having spent years as a touring musician with the late John Stewart, Paul Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Townes van Zandt, and many more. For more than twenty years, though, Dave has also been a highly-decorated music teacher in the Alhambra School District near Los Angeles, a veritable magician with literally hundreds of students at a time. What's more - everyone who meets him ends up liking Dave a lot. Talk to him for five minutes and you'll feel like you've known him your whole life.

Photos Courtesy of Howard "California Roadman" Bruensteiner